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Prime Locations: 5 Qualities of the Best BBQ Restaurants


The restaurant business is on track to hit $899 billion in sales. No matter how much society keeps changing and evolving, people will always enjoy a high-quality, professionally cooked meal. 

Barbecue in all of its different varieties is one of the most appetizing meals you can enjoy. There are plenty of BBQ restaurants all over the world, so it takes some research and information to find the best ones available. We're happy to help. 

These tips will help you find the best BBQ restaurants so that you can tickle your tastebuds and feed the whole family. 

1. A Distinct BBQ Style

BBQ restaurants live and die by the style that they offer. BBQ is one of the most regional foods that you'll find, and each style features its own taste and characteristics. 

Here are some examples of the best BBQ styles from all over:

  • North Carolina BBQ features rubbed or smoked pulled pork that features vinegar and spices
  • Virginia BBQ is made from different varieties of sliced chicken, beef, or pork. It comes in sweet and spicy options, depending on the region of the state. In fact, Virginia is credited with the first use of the word barbecue in the 13 colonies
  • Korean BBQ is known for its group setting, in which the meat is grilled right on top of the dinner table. It has beginnings that date back as far as 37 AD as part of the Goguryeo Era
  • California BBQ is grilled over a hot fire and features Spanish-style flavorings and sensibilities
  • Kansas BBQ is slowly smoked and uses woodblocks and tomato sauce to provide sweet and savory flavor notes
  • Texas BBQ uses a mixture of grilled and smoked beef, pork, and chicken offerings. It's often accompanied by Texas toast, coleslaw, baked beans, and other side items
  • Tennessee BBQ, found in Nashville and Memphis, is known for different wet and dry pork rib offerings

When you consider the sheer variety available from different BBQ regions, you'll want to start booking trips that will let you try them all. 

2. A Variety of Main Courses and Fixins 

The best barbecue restaurants also work hard to make the entire meal an experience. They feature a variety of main courses and side items that let you mix and match as you try the whole menu. 

Here are some quality main courses that you'll appreciate:

  • Pulled pork BBQ sandwiches
  • Beef brisket 
  • BBQ Sloppy Joe sandwiches
  • BBQ pork and beef ribs
  • Pulled pork BBQ plates
  • BBQ whole chicken pieces
  • Shredded BBQ plates

You'll also appreciate the way that the side items mix and match flavors. They offer a good mix of sweet and savory and will put the icing on the cake for your BBQ meal. 

Here are some excellent side items that you'll fall in love with:

  • Cornbread and hushpuppies
  • Coleslaw made from scratch
  • Seasoned french fries
  • Barbecued baked beans
  • Sweet potato muffins
  • Mashed potatoes 
  • Macaroni and cheese

Mix and match a few different meal items so that you can get the most from your lunch or dinner. 

3. Prices That Let You Get Your Money's Worth

You have to always make sure that you're getting your money's worth whenever you're trying out a quality BBQ restaurant. Check the menu in advance whenever possible so that you're able to get a feel for the price range and make sure that you have enough to feed the family. 

Look into any specials that the restaurant might have to also make it more worth your while. Many restaurants also provide BBQ catering if you have an event that you're planning. Whether you're booking a summer party, wedding rehearsal dinner, or any other occasion, BBQ makes for one of the best catered meals that you can find. 

4. Excellent Beverages and Desserts 

When researching different BBQ restaurants, you'll also need to consider what kinds of beverages and desserts they have on tap. In many cases, the beverages are as big a draw as the food for BBQ restaurants. 

Here are some common beverage options that you'll find at these restaurants:

  • Craft beer brewed in-house or from a local microbrewery
  • Homemade sweet iced tea
  • Homemade lemonade or punch
  • Organic cider
  • Hot coffee

Beverages aside, you'll also love the many different dessert offerings found at BBQ restaurants. Here are some common desserts that you'll appreciate:

  • Poundcake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Banana pudding
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Brownies

Whether you have a sweet tooth or just love a quality beverage, the best BBQ restaurants are able to accommodate you. 

5. An Inviting Layout and Theme

A restaurant has to be somewhere people love spending time. This starts with the layout and theme. Restaurants should have enough seating for people to comfortably enjoy their meal and navigate throughout the restaurant with no problem. 

Many BBQ restaurants also have some outdoor seating areas that let you enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. 

It should also have impeccable decor that is warm and inviting. An amazing layout, along with friendly, efficient customer service will make people want to do business with one of these restaurants for the long term.  

Try Out the Best BBQ Restaurants

The tips above will help you out if you have a taste for some high-quality BBQ. This is some of the most sought-after food in the world that food aficionados all over appreciate, and the best BBQ restaurants feature these attributes.

Stop by this Friday to taste some of the best BBQ that Sacramento has to offer. Shoot us a message to learn more about our restaurant or to get a catering quote, or call us at (916)349-2714.

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