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Great Things About Hickory Hanks's Pulled Pork Sandwich


Do you know what makes up a good pulled pork sandwich?

For decades, people who come to Sacramento have tried its traditional BBQ, always wondering what makes it so delicious (including some quality pulled pork). 

Hickory Hanks is for sure leading Californian cuisine when it comes to BBQ, crafting recipes that stay close to tradition but innovate in flavor and presentation.

Although we serve catering and events, we also have our unique spot where people can come taste our food. Our pulled pork sandwich is definitely worth it! 

So, keep reading to see why we are so good at doing what we do!  

The Mastermind Behind It All

Henry Virga is the man behind the creations of Hickory Hanks, working with BBQ catering since 1980 and always maintaining a top-notch standard when it comes to his food. 

That is why we stand out: we have over 40 years of experience on our shoulders. We are a mastermind who consistently delivers the best products and expertise to our clients. 

Our pulled pork sandwich is no exception! With careful consideration, Henry Virga develops perfectly balanced recipes prepared by our staff with the very best ingredients, patience, and homemade sauces. 

Yes, homemade sauces are prepared with the best ingredients and from recipes developed to accentuate all the best BBQ flavors!  

And there's more: aside from the sauce, henry also builds the BBQ equipment we use here at Hickory Hank, ensuring that we have complete control of what we are cooking for you.

Our Pulled Pork Sandwich 

At Hickory Hank, we have developed pulled pork sandwich recipes that will make your mouth water. Here we make everything from scratch, guaranteeing our signature flavors and style of preparation every step of the way. 

Pulled pork is one of the most essential foods in Southern BBQ history. Its tenderness and savory flavor have conquered hearts all over the country, and we are fateful to that when preparing our own recipe. 

Pork is one of the most eaten meats in the whole world, maybe because almost every part of the animal can be used for something. For pulled pork, the most popular cut is the shoulder because of its fat to meat ratio: perfect for slow cooking for hours and become tender and juicy.  

Most of the fat on the meat, when cooking, actually dissolves. The tissues then are slowly cooked to pull apart with ease when the pork is ready. And how long does it take for that to happen? 

A long time! But that's okay because we love being able to serve you food that has been prepared with care in the best way possible.

A meat smoker is essential for giving the pork that characteristic smoky flavor, and keeping it going for at least 5 hours at a steady temperature can sometimes be challenging.   

Now, when the meat has reached its ideal juicy consistency and has captured all the flavors from the smoke, all you have to do is prepare the sandwich. Throw some special BBQ sauce, house-made, of course, and the condiments you love.

And did you know that pulled pork is also pretty healthy? It has lots of amino acids and antioxidants and protein, iron, and vitamin B12. 

So a pulled pork sandwich might just be the solution for improving your bones, skin, and sight, as well as making your immune system stronger.  

Our Amazing Location And Services

We are proud to say we serve the best BBQ on this side of the Mississippi! 

Sacramento is a city with rich Southern culture, and that can be seen in our love for BBQ and all the get-togethers that come with it. That's why we provide not only the food but also the typical environment for you to enjoy it. 

Although we are best known for our catering, we are also proud to serve our food at our establishment. Here, you can sit and enjoy a pulled pork sandwich that has been prepared with lots of attention. 

We are located on Elkhorn Boulevard, with a picnic-style setup that makes our clients feel like part of the family. 

All you have to do is come over on Friday when we serve our in-house menu. Call in ahead of time and get a recommendation from us, or simply show up to figure out what you want. 

We cook everything on the spot! Our menu has amazingly affordable prices, and you can pick from many different options.

Our Food Options

Not feeling the pork sandwich this time? That's fine! We also have other sandwich options like grilled chicken and brisket. Not feeling that either? Try our BBQ combos, kids' menu, salads, racks of ribs, and many sides for you to choose from. 

Our Friday menu runs from 11 AM to 8 PM, so you can come by and enjoy some lunch or dinner with your friends and family. 

Our Respect For Tradition 

The pulled pork sandwich we prepare here in Hickory Hanks follows the best parts of traditional BBQ making from the South. 

We have a lot of respect for the origins of BBQ and all the culture that comes with it. We show it through our careful preparation of every dish and the time we take to make sure that it comes out at the perfect point and consistency. 

That's because we love BBQ, and we love to share this passion with our clients. Our testimonials are proof of that, and we love to see the constant satisfaction of the people who have tried and loved our food. 

Mixing innovation with tradition, we have become one of the best representatives of quality BBQ in all of California, and our pulled pork sandwich is a rich example of that! 

Now, To Wrap It Up

BBQ is a serious business, and we are aware of that.

Hickory Hank's pulled pork sandwich results from our passion, creativity, innovation, and hard work, all served to you on a bun. 

Come over to our restaurant to try it out! And also, make sure to contact us to learn more about our history, services, and dishes!  

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