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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Wedding


In 2017, there were over 2.2 million marriages. Much of the younger generation are turning their noses up at such a traditional union. But clearly, we still highly value the idea of marriage.

If you yourself have recently gotten engaged, congraluations! 

With your new engagement comes lots of planning - finding a dress, getting fitted for a suite, finding the perfect venue and more - but you'll also have to book a caterer to feed your guests at the reception.

To help you out, here are 6 tips to consider when you're considering a wedding catering contract.

1. How Many Years of Experience The Caterer Has in Catering

Running a restaurant and serving diners is completely different from catering to an event. So while a restaurant may have a fantastic track record in all the years they've been open, you'll want to specifically look closer at their catering experience.

When considering a wedding caterer, you need to ask them how many years they've been catering, as well as how many events they've catered to. After all, they could technically be catering for 5 years but have only actually had 2 customers.

With such an important day and event, you definitely want someone who has lots of hands-on experience with catering. Your wedding will have lots of guests who will be hungry come time for the reception and you don't want to disappoint them. 

Because of that, you need someone who knows how to get things going quickly and smoothly. If the timing is off, then your guests will be left hungry and with cold food on their plates.

2. Has Consistency in Their Work

Not only should they be experienced, but the wedding caterers you're considering should be consistent in their work as well.

This may be a good point to check out their reviews. Do most or all of their prior customers highly praise their work? Or are there a few duds in between?

Of course, everyone has their off days; a few bad reviews shouldn't mean too much. But if their pages seem to be alternative between excellent and poor reviews, then you might want to give that caterer a pass.

You need someone who's brilliant at what they do, which means they need to be able to adapt to any situation. You know how the setting of your wedding reception's going to be like already, but there's always a slight chance something may go wrong.

If they do, you want a caterer that won't miss a beat and can still serve food efficiently.

3. Has an Exemplary Catering Menu

This is the food that'll be presented to your guests, which means it has to be top-quality. Not only does it need to look good, but it also needs to taste amazing.

If you've already dined at their restaurant before, then you'll have prior knowledge of whether their food is on point. Otherwise, you'll have to see if you can schedule a tasting to get an idea of what you'd like to order from them, if anything.

An extensive catering menu is always good, as you'll have more choices. But what's even better is the ability to customize things.

For instance, if you have vegetarians attending, you need to have some options. Either the caterer has some awesome veggie dishes or can whip up the same meat dishes, but without the actual pieces of meat in them.

4. Has Reasonable Prices

Of course, it takes a lot of time and effort to cater to a wedding. This is why with most places, you'll see some hefty price tags that come with catering services.

But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to pay an arm and a leg to get good service. Some businesses are greedy and when they hear "wedding," they hike up the prices. Think of it as a wedding tax.

You want to seek out caterers who are honest and have integrity. If a caterer's quote sets off alarm bells, then your gut is probably right. Always get other quotes from other caterers to compare and confirm your suspicions.

5. Is Willing to Provide Tastings

You shouldn't have to commit to a service without knowing what the caterer is capable of providing. The best way to get a feel for them is to get tastings of what they're going to serve at your event.

Make sure the caterer you choose is willing to provide tastings. And not just generic samples either; you need to taste exactly what you've ordered from them so you know exactly what you're going to get.

If they aren't able to provide this, then that may be a red flag.

6. Has Good Communication

Trying to plan a wedding is already nervewracking enough. You don't need to pile unnecessary stress on top of that.

There's nothing worse than finding a good wedding vendor and them being radio silent throughout the whole process. If you ask someone a question, they should respond promptly. This shows they care about their customers' feelings and want to make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

Not only should your caterer respond efficiently, but they should also be open to anything you have to say. Unfortunately, in this industry, there are some people who think they know best and tend to ignore what their (paying) clients have to say.

You want to get a caterer that always has an open ear and doesn't neglect your requests. It's your big day after all, and you need someone you can rely on to respect your wishes.

7. Has a Clear Contract

A clear-cut catering contract is a must. You need to know exactly what's included, such as which food and beverages will be served. In addition, you need to know what services they'll provide for you at the reception.

The pricing for everything (including additional services) must be on this contract. You'll also need to make sure there's an explicit cancellation plan.

If there's anything not on there (such as setup and cleanup), don't be afraid to ask for it to be included. The more things you can cover, the better it'll be in case things go wrong.

Award the Right Wedding Catering Contract With Our Tips

Now that you have some great tips on awarding a wedding catering contract, you can easily find someone who will not only provide you with great service but also amazing prices and delicious food.

With this winning trifecta, you'll be able to have a wedding reception that's as stress-free as possible. Plus, it'll definitely be memorable for all your guests!

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