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5 Great Reasons to Have a Wedding BBQ


Are you starting to plan your wedding? Are you scratching your head about what type of food you want? If so, you need to learn about the great reasons for having a wedding bbq.

Bbq's are loved by people all over the world. There's nothing quite like chilling with family and friends with a cold drink in hand and next to an open flame. Besides, it's similar to how our early ancestors cooked, so there's something instinctive about it for us.

Yet most people only host BBQs on a hot summer's day or the 4th of July. They tend not to utilize this way of cooking and take advantage of all its benefits.

But, we're here to say that a bbq is perfect for a wedding and can add something unique to yours. So keep reading, and we'll share five fantastic reasons to have a wedding bbq and why it's the best option.

1. It's Cost-Effective

Let's be honest; most caterers charge a small fortune, resulting in the food becoming one of the biggest expenses. And that's not even the worst part.

You're often left with food you've never eaten before, and that doesn't fill you up. So, after spending a lot of money, you've finished within twenty minutes and still feel hungry.

Yet by having a bbq, you can slash your catering bill by a significant amount.

After all, you're not paying for the use of an industrial-sized kitchen and a small army of caterers. Instead, you're paying for a couple of grills and a few decent cooks.

Plus, food for a bbq is a lot cheaper, and there's not a long list of ingredients to source. In fact, you could happily have a couple of types of meat and salad.

It all depends on your party size and food preferences.

2. A Little Goes a Long Way

As we've previously mentioned, it's easy to be left feeling hungry at weddings.

This is because the portion sizes tend to be small to give you that fancy feel. But seriously, who wants that?

There's nothing worse than paying top dollar for a meal and still feeling hungry once it's been eaten. It leaves you feeling grumpy and as if you've been ripped off.

And let's face it, this isn't how you want to feel on your big day.

Yet with BBQs, a little goes a long way. The food you have at BBQs is filling and gives you that satisfying feeling afterward.

So, by hiring bbq catering services, not only will you have plenty to eat but, so will your guests. This will leave you all happy and ready to enjoy the rest of the celebration.

3. You Can Cater for Everyone

Sometimes it's difficult to cater to everyone's tastes and dietary requirements. Most wedding caterers give you a limited food choice, and it often leaves a few people dissatisfied.

You want to avoid this at all costs because, after all, you want everyone to enjoy the day.

When you have a bbq at your wedding, you can tailor it to everyone's needs. It doesn't matter whether people are meat-eaters, vegan, or suffer from intolerances, they'll be catered for.

All you have to do is ensure there's a variety of food and a few grills.

Plus, the best thing about this method is people with specific dietary requirements often have to make do with what they're given.

So, by ensuring everyone's needs are met, you'll give them a rare experience. This is something they won't forget, and it will make it a memorable day for them.

4. Eat at Your Own Pace

It's improbable that all of your guests will be hungry at the same time. Some people may be starving, whereas others may still be full from breakfast.

With a bbq, everyone can eat at their own pace. If you get hungry early, then you know there's something available. Whereas if you want to wait a while, you know there will be something hot when you're ready.

Plus, you'll be speaking to loved one's who you may not have seen for a while. So, it's great that you can take your time and go at your own pace.

Compare this to a traditional wedding, and you don't get a choice. They will start serving the food at a specific time, and if you're not hungry, there's nothing you can do.

5. It's Truly Unique

We've mentioned it earlier, but ultimately you want your wedding to be unique to you. So, if you're a couple who don't like doing things the traditional way, then you don't have to.

Our bbq catering Sacramento services will ensure that your day is special to you. We'll make sure that all your favorite food is served and that every guest is catered for.

This truly puts a personal touch on your wedding, and it's something your guests will love. We know that you all will be talking about it for years afterward and, it may even inspire your loved ones to do the same for theirs.

The Ultimate Benefits of Having a Wedding BBQ

As you can see, there are many great reasons to having a bbq at your wedding.

Not only is it the easiest way to cater to everyone but, it creates a laid-back feeling. Plus, a bbq is great for bringing people together to bond over some tasty food.

Finally, please contact us if you would like to know more about the wedding bbq services we can offer.

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