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What do a 2,500-member corporate gathering and a 300-guest formal wedding have in common? We have successfully catered them both, as well as a variety of events in between. 

We know what you’re thinking: Barbecue? At a corporate function or wedding? Are you serious? Absolutely.

In fact, we’re so serious about our barbecue, we hold it to a higher standard than you’ve ever experienced. That’s what keeps both our big corporate clients and small private catering affairs coming back for more

Have you ever known a good ol’ country boy who preferred listening to Beethoven over bluegrass or reading Shakespeare to Louis L’Amour? Well I have. The point is – sometimes people get pigeonholed because of their origins. And so does food, specifically, barbecue.

Stigmatized. Stereotyped. Barbecue has been frowned upon as the fare of country bumpkins. Not anymore. 

We serve barbecue that belies its humble origins (much like simple Cajun country cooking has been elevated to gourmet status). This is barbecue as haute cuisine - prepared and served with elegance - that you’ll be proud to offer your guests at the most noble of functions. So don’t expect warmed-over, slapped-on-your-plate-like-you’re-in-an-army-mess-hall kind of fare. This is sophisticated barbecue for discriminating tastes - cooked on site so it’s fresher than fresh - and served with dignity by courteous professionals. But that’s not all we offer. You’ll be surprised by our gourmet sides!

We don’t stop at providing great barbecue. We also feature the most flavorful tri-tip steak you’re likely to find this side of the Mississippi - not to mention homemade hot links, succulent prime rib, and a host of other gourmet foods you’d never expect. Let us create a custom menu tailored to your liking, from ribs slathered with our special barbecue sauce to steak and wine, and beyond. We do it all!

So whether your event is humble or high-falutin', contact us for a quote. We don’t just serve great food - we make great memories. We look forward to helping you impress your guests and making you part of our family of satisfied customers.